Monday, February 28, 2011

Books procured from British Library, Chandigarh (Under ILL Scheme):

Following books were procured from British Library, Chandigarh for library users, under Inter Library Loan Services for the period of 26th Feb 2011 to 19th March 2011. Users can consult these books inside the library in Reference Section and also can place their demand in Central Library for specific books which are available with British Library, Chandigarh by visiting their website.

Sr. No Acc. No Title Author
1. CH49309- Approaches to Managing Change at Work/Michael, Wash
2. CH45922- Buy,Ology/Martin Lindstrom
3. CH3381- Applied Image Processing/G. J Awcock and R. Thomas
4. CH45569- How to Pass Advanced Numeracy Tests/Mike Bryon
5. CH39871- Creating Passion Brands/Helen Edwards and Derek Day
6. CH52021- Successful Networking/Frances Kay
7. CH32391- Modern Information Retrieval/Yates and Neto
8. CH51988- The Face book Manager/B.G Cleave and J. Passmore
9. CH50246- The Higher Arithmetic/H. Davenport’s
10. CH52601- 100 Cases in Psychiatry/Barry Wright and Others
11. CH39001- How to Motivate Every Employee/Bruce, Anne
12. CH44361- The One Minute Entrepreneur/K.B.D Hutson and E.Willis
13. CH30852- Clinical Biochemistry/A.F Smith and Others
14. CH48031- Key Concepts in Public Relations/Sandra Cain
15. CH36212- Google Hacks/O’Reilly
16. CH35430- Bigelow’s Virus Troubleshooting Pocket Reference/Ken Dunham

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